06 June 2006

City Hall

City Hall
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Last month Songsu and I went to see 'Doggaebi Storm' for his 30th birthday. This is a musical involving no language, just drums and an interesting story about a rock band who are kidnapped by goblins whose clubs have magical powers. The goblins promised the teenagers that they could returm back to to the real world if they beat the goblins in a music competition.

Half way through the performance, two people were chosen from the audience to participate in the competition . A Chinese girl was one, and Songsu was the other (I didn't set this up, honest!). It was rather amusing for me to watch him run around the stage hitting drums and bursting balloons. To his credit his team , the teenagers, won.

Afterwards we wandered to the City Hall park where Arirang had a free concert for disabled people. This small city park is famous for holding such events; if you remember from my last blog, I happened upon a Asian festival there last year. Currently they plan to show the World Cup on the big screen there...according to the boyfriend I have no choice but to go and watch!

Anyway, this photo shows the City Hall itself. Nothing particularly spectacular, just a rather European-looking building admist East Asian-cum American style architecture.


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