24 July 2006

Banana Class and Jessie Teacher

Recently we went on an SLP field trip to the National Museum of Korea. There they have a special childrens' section, full of ice-age pick-axes, pottery and the like. Fortunately the kids were not able to play with the knives and the axes, but they got chance to play with fake pottery, do some coin-engraving rubbings and bang on a few drums. It kept us all entertained safely indoors while the sky spat out the remains of the typhoon that had plagued South Korea for the past two weeks.

Getting the kids to look at the camera all at the same proved impossible; however this is all of my class except for those who were ill that day. The girl nearest the camera is Belle, then Rose, Crissy's side-profile and Esther behind her. Peter is behind Esther, to Peter's left is Daniel, and Sam is wearing the white cap. Behind them is Jessie teacher, the Banana class assistant teacher who is quite new to SLP.


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