24 August 2006


A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend proudly drove me to Heyri in his first car. This is an enormous complex consisting of galleries of every kind: film, pottery, paintings...or at least in theory. When we got there only half of the builidings were occupied. Either the place is new or the owners of the exhibitions came and went.

One of the places we visited was a Dalki exhibition, or rather a Dalki mini-theme park. Dalki is a popular fashion character, though I wonder at the target age group. The exhibition was really like a big play area with tunnels, ball pools and the like, plus a shop selling the full Dalki range of products. There were statue Dalki characters ( I presume) and a hat section were you try on different style hats and pose for a photo (I don't actually know the correlation between the hats and Dalki). Moreover poo seems to be a theme in the Dalki products...as I mentioned in my previous blog somewhere, Korean people as a culture seem to be a little obsessed with poo, and I really do not understand why. Even boyfriend cannot understand it.

After that we drove round the complex, and found a posh pottery/coffee shop place. There we drank our tea and then sat out in the garden to shade ourselves from the blare of the sun. We soon left after that as it seemed that there was not much to see. On the way back boyfriend pointed out North Korea from the other side of the river, and shouted out the EXACT look-out post he was stationed in during his time in the army. It was quite a surreal view: barbed wire running the full length of the river that divides the two countries, and industrial buildings (it seemed) located by the river on the otherside. Me being stupid asked" why don't you just build a big wall, rather than just the wire?" "Because we are not Chinese....we are not going to build the Great Wall of China" came the reply. Humph.


At 8/28/2006 11:40 pm, Anonymous Jay said...

hahaha, Your boyfriend is funny..

At 9/01/2006 12:34 pm, Blogger Louise said...


He is a funny boy... also one of the nicest people I have ever met.

I'm so lucky!

At 9/01/2006 8:26 pm, Blogger Mike said...

Hi Louise: Thanks for the comment! I'm glad things are going well for you.

My computer broke- still waiting to get one ...this week I'm getting a laptop for my daughter ... she's staring university next week.

Nice to hear from you ... talk to you later. Take care!!


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