18 October 2006


Chusok, known as the Korean Thanksgiving, has the same significance as Christmas in the UK...though taken a little more seriously. On this day families gather together to pray to their ancestors, wearing the traditional hanboks (well, around 50% of families still do) and eat Songpyeon (and other traditional food).

I mentioned earlier that myself and the boyfriend did not make it in time for the gathering with his family, though I got some of the Chusok experience two weeks ago at hagwon. I got to wear a hanbok, which made me look pregnant, make Songpyeon with Banana class-which looked nothing like how it should look, more like a squishy mess- and make a Jaeggi, a traditonal toy that you can kick. And as if this wasn't enough Glara teacher (the boss' s younger sister) held an etiquette class where we learned how to bow. This was my favourite part, especially as it may come in useful one day.

Despite teaching in a hanbok, it was a really interesting and fun morning for everyone.


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