10 November 2006

Halloween Party

Two weeks ago (yes it really did take me this long to upload all the photos on this blog) our hagwon had a halloween party. Myself and Justin spent 3 weeks making decorations with the students and so forth until we had possibly the best decorated classroom (hee-hee). Most of the classrooms on the 4th floor (SLP occupies the 4th and 5th floor of the building) were converted into game rooms and decorated all over with black bin bags and the lights covered with red cellophane, thus we had to teach the kindergaten upstairs, as it was too dark and I had no whiteboard.

In fact we held not only one party but three; Thursday we entertained the Tues/Thurs elementary students, and on Friday we had the kindgarten in the morning and the Mon/Wed/Fri elementay students in the afternoon. Banana class was the 'gateball' room where the kids competed to roll balls into holes in boxes. We also had a 'mystery box' room, a 'musical chairs' room, a face painting room, a 'putt-putt' (golf) room and the gym was converted into a haunted house.

The elementary students rotated round the classrooms and collected stamps for each room that they played games in. Once they had all the stamps they were given a present (an SLP notebook-very disappointing). It was the same routine for the Kindergarteners and the Mon Wed Fri elementary, except the kindys walked to the local park to meet their parents, and the parents gave all the kids sweets.

Both teachers and the kids enjoyed it; it was a chance for everybody to just let go and not worry about learning or teaching English.


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