18 December 2005

In my p'al, pal!

Friday was rounded off with all of the Kindergarden staff going out for a meal together. The purpose of the get-together was to celebrate the success of the Kindergarden Christmas plays of last Friday, which I had no hand in. Nonetheless, I was invited anyway, and everyone including myself were made to give a short speech. Afterwards, a small group of us went to a Hoff to play card games, but the lady who owned the place said that even though we had ordered drinks and anju, she was not happy about us playing there.

Saturday my cold felt worse; a friend of mine took me to the doctor's, who said that I am fine and that I have just a cold. The nurse wanted to shove a needle in my derriere (typical Korean style) but I kicked up a stink until she agreed to put it my arm (p'al). "많이 앞아요?/Does it hurt alot?" she enquired. "No, it's fine" I said. She could not believe me.

The weather on saturday was terrible; the wind howled and lashed at my face, making my throat drier and more painful. Sunday was spent sleeping off my cold, aparently missing the snowfall, and unfortunately the play that I was invited to go to.

I still have not worked out what I am going to do for Christmas...


At 12/20/2005 4:45 am, Blogger blancdenoir said...

hei hei lou.
since my last entry i managed to get more information. at first i found the new blog and then totally encouraged by this i found your broadcast within the spam-mails gmx had filtered. thx. nevertheless it's ongoing a little to quick for me. as far as understood you have been home and left right in time to go to gwanak now (haven't found it yet - will so). i didn't notice that you contract ended before?

* did someone inform you that i gave you a phonecall?
* i noticed you entry in the guestbook today.

merry xmas to you, take care. tobias


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