22 September 2006

Mike, Me, suburn and Songsu

In the last weekend of August Songsu drove myself and Mike (from USA) to Caribbean Bay, which is part of Everland theme park. Caribbean Bay is a waterpark that my kindergarden students always bang on about. Their excitement over this place inspired me to see for myself what the fuss is about. I have been to waterparks in Spain, Wales, England, Grand Canaria and maybe France, and I have to say that this was by far the best. The place was chocka (or however you spell it) by 10am and I almost had a cat-fight with some young Korean woman over the ownership of a locker.

There they had a 'Lazy River', a health spa, a surfing, er, thing where you could try to stay on the surf board as long as possible, saunas, slides (of course), a wave machine, and an adventure area where a huge skull head tipped water when it got full.

This picture at the end of the day where I was feeling, sunburned, exhausted and generally spaced-out. Not a flattering picture, but the most flattering one out of the set.
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