25 March 2007

My Peaceful Sunday

I am still suffering from jet-lag, so I could not sleep until 5am this morning. The sound of my mobile phone ringing woke me up, reminding me that I had arranged to meet Mike today. When he arrived we took a walk round the area, including along a stream that runs past my officetel (in fact we have a view of it outside our bedroom window). It was nice to get some fresh air (relatively), which helped to wake me up a bit. After the walk we went to the cinema that is conveniently across the road from my building to see '300', which was good entertainment but nothing too special.
Tomorrow I start my training at work...wish me luck.


At 4/12/2007 9:02 pm, Anonymous Carol said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby on his 31st Birthday! Being busy, having the birthday party for two separate days is a good idea! That way, you can have dinner outside or can have a house party. Personally, I haven't tasted Turkish dishes, but I love Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Thai dishes. Again, I would love to see photos of the chocolate pig cake(and recipes)if possible.


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