02 August 2007

Teacher You're Klazee.

As stated by one of my fourth graders. "If I wasn't crazy" I replied " I would be boring". To this I got an enthusiastic nod from the same student.

It's not the first time I've heard it, but it perhaps the first time that I have deserved it. I sing, dance, do sharades with sound effects at this hagwon more than I did at the others. Because there is less of a language barrier I feel that there is more opportunity to just be myself and have a good time while teaching.

Subject noun+ verb+ place preposition+place noun.

"Teacher....I think this is Math class not English class"
How can I not laugh at this observation?

"Nerbos, oooooh vely nerbos" one of my teenage girls complains while she flaps her arms up and down like she is about to take flight. She performed vely well on her speaking test anyway.

" I take photo myself because I'm vely handsome" states one of my other 4th graders during his speaking homework, in reply to the question of who/what would you take a photo if you had a new digital camera?

The best one yet (SLP):

" I can dunce".

It seems that I'm not the only crazy one.


At 8/08/2007 11:10 am, Blogger Michael said...

Good old Ben. Now I can dunce free of SLP.



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