22 September 2006

Andy and Andrew

A month ago we tested all of our 6 year old Kindy kids (7 years old Korean age) for the 2006 Sogang Speech Contest. Every year students from all round country compete with each other by means of a speech spoken in English. There were two parts to the test: 1) an actual speech about " Silly Sally", a book that they have been practicing for a week, and 2) an interview where we throw random questions at them. I was put in charge of the interviewing for some of the contestants, thus I did not have opportunity to take some photos in the gym (where they performed their speeches). Mike took this instead; this is Andrew and Andy from Grape class, a class full of the next generation geniuses of Korea. Their over-enthusiastic mothers dressed them in drag ( I mean, er as "Silly Sally") for the test. Another boy was so upset about his costume that he could not perform his speech due to the threatening avalanche of tears. The boy on the right, Andy,plus a Cindy from Peach class will be put forward for the competition.


At 10/10/2006 9:36 pm, Blogger Lawyer said...

Its great to see you are having a fab time still! I remain completely amazed that someone I went to school with is now living on the other side of the world - I can still remember us walking the half mile or so to school each day like it was yesterday!

Things have moved on for me now too, I'm finally working as a lawyer like I always meant to, though officially I have to call myself a trainee for now, while I'm under supervision for 2 years. The fact education in a formal sense is now behind me forever is taking a while to sink in though!

Take care and keep having fun
x Viki

At 10/12/2006 1:10 pm, Blogger Louise said...

thanks for the comment - I put one on yours

At 10/13/2006 5:57 am, Blogger Becky Perry said...

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