25 March 2007

My Peaceful Sunday

I am still suffering from jet-lag, so I could not sleep until 5am this morning. The sound of my mobile phone ringing woke me up, reminding me that I had arranged to meet Mike today. When he arrived we took a walk round the area, including along a stream that runs past my officetel (in fact we have a view of it outside our bedroom window). It was nice to get some fresh air (relatively), which helped to wake me up a bit. After the walk we went to the cinema that is conveniently across the road from my building to see '300', which was good entertainment but nothing too special.
Tomorrow I start my training at work...wish me luck.

Under the bridge

Mike and I saw this under one of many bridges that crosses the stream that runs by my officetel, in Bundang, in KOREA. I'll leave the readers to comment on this one.


Something tells me that this restuarant sells fish dishes....

(Seen behind my officetel),

24 March 2007

Our new apartment

Our new apartment
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On 28th February I moved to Bundang, and Songsu and I just dumped the boxes in our new apartment and slept on the floor. While I was back in the UK waiting for my visa for my new job, Songsu bought a sofa, a bookcase, a TV and most importantly a bed. (Oh and a microwave too). Already the place feels like a home, and we are both very pleased with it.

I arrived back in Korea Friday 23rd March (yesterday) and Songsu left for Thailand today. So I have the place to myself for the next 5 days *yawn...stretches luxuriously*

Flower-powered Moped

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During my last week at SLP, I spotted this outside Homeplus...would have loved to have met the person who owned this!