26 July 2007

Our Dirty Weekend

Two weeks ago, Songsu and I went to Daecheon beach for the Boryeong Mud Festival. We asked many people if they would like to come with us, but nobody fancied it. "Been there before" and " I don't like mud" were the most popular excuses. Nonetheless, we had a good time relaxing on the beach, covered head-to-toe (for free) in the kind of mud which is normally bottled up sold as a beauty products for a tenner. There were many foreigners (mostly the American army), some who visit Korea just for this event (Chinese, Thai, Japanese) and others from some far-flung places (France, Germany, England-me!). Generally speaking the women, who know the purifying qualities of the mud were smearing themselves in thick layers of the stuff, while the men just used it as war paint and did funny things with their hair (devils horns etc). When we got back to our motel, the receptionist did not bother to disguise her amusement as we asked for our room key. Hope you enjoy the pics!

21 July 2007

I Have Something Some Of You Don't (so nerdy ner).

It's 4.30pm Seoul time, but I bought it at 2pm. Being hours ahead of the UK, I started reading it before many of you got out of bed. Yes, that's right...I am now on the 20th page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. While some other people camped outside Piccidilly Waterstones in the drizzle wearing silly costumes, I simply saunted over to the bookshelf in Bandi & Luni's and picked up my copy without further ado. Perhaps not earlier than those who waited outside Asda or Waterstone's and bought their copy at midnight, but certainly earlier than those who are expecting a delivery from Amazon at 9am GMT.
I started reading it on the subway train on the way home. A couple of teenage girls noticed that it was Harry Potter 7 but I had to break the news to them that the Korean edition is not out yet (or at least, I have not seen it in any of the bookshops). I also have something to tease my students with over the next few weeks...

I'm planning on making Songsu read it from cover to cover in English...

20 July 2007

Two weeks ago....

Songsu proposed. The ring I chose is a white gold band with a 0.41 carat solitare diamond. As a left-hander, it feels strange having it on my finger, but I am traditional so I will keep it on my left hand anyway. It's not obvious from the picture but the band is a gentle wishbone shape-something slightly different from what other gal's wear.

17 July 2007

Mike's Gomdo Belt Test

Mike moves his sword so fast, it's a blur!!! Congratulations on passing your black belt test, Mike!

01 July 2007

It's My Shop

I found this shop near Idae Women's University in Seoul last weekend. I hereby lay claim to this shop and all contents that lay within it.