12 August 2007

Rainy Days

Recently the weather has been so erratic that people are not even bothering to set foot outside their homes, even armed with an umbrella. Except for myself and Songsu, who spent today studying and exploring where we live at the same time. Two subway stations away at Samsung Plaza we found a Mexican restaurant (albeit very Koreanised food) and a game cafe where we could sit indoors and play board games. In between he studied English while I started the first chapter of 한국어2 from Seoul National University (at a couple of cafes that we found ourselves in). I am very proud to have got though the first book in 3 months without attending any classes, but I am noticing a big difference in difficulty between book 1 and 2. Anyway I will study away undeterred... as the Koreans say: "fighting"!
Yesterday Songsu took me to the cinema to watch D-War, a film about a Korean legend affecting present day America. The director is Korean, but the film is American. I was fairly impressed with the visual effects, but I felt that it was far too short, and that they could have made more out of the story. Nonetheless my students (especially the boys) thought it was superb and it was upon their recommendation that I went to see it. At least it was something to do while it was pelting outside.


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