27 June 2007

Lulu on Set

Two weekends ago I met one of Songsu's (many) friends for the first time. As it turned out, he is a film set designer, and we were invited by him to join him on his latest film set.

The film set was actually part of a museum ( 남양주종합촬영소) but we saw something that no other visitor is allowed to see: an actual studio housed within the museum. I only needed to spend 10 minutes on set to realise one important thing: even if I had the talent, even if I had the motivation, I could never be involved in the TV or film industry. Why?

1) The place was far too hot from all the lights above us
2) There were dusty wires, cables, rigging and more dust everywhere. If there is one thing that I loath and despise it's wires (oh, and dust).
3) Being the clumsy babo/fool that I am, within 30 seconds of stepping into the fake 'house' I split green tea all over the floor, which Songsu's friend frantically moped up in embarrassment.

That day the actors were taking a rest from a full week of fiming, so it was just the crew editing, moving things around and whatever else that film crews do. However I was swealtering under the lights so I suggested that we eat lunch. Songsu's friend took us to cafeteria where the actors and crew usually eat, and despite the chef cooking everything en mass, it was the most delicious kimchi-jin I have ever tasted.

After lunch Songsu's friend ushered out of the private area and into the museum proper, as he had to continue working...yes that's right. He told me that he works Monday to Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) from 9am to 10pm (but this varies) and that he sleeps in a local Youth Hostel. Perhaps I should add that to my list as to why I should never working in films.

Most of the museum comprised of abandoned fim sets, so we spent most of our time outdoors. We could not use our cameras inside the studio (of course) but we took many photographs outside. The pictures below show us inside the old movie sets.


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