20 August 2007

The Alternative to Cheese on Toast

Today is the last day of the summer intensives-hurrah! Now I can kick back and appreciate having a lighter load for the next three months. For one whole month I have been snacking on cheese on toast (prepared by the lovely Songsu) when I got home, as this is about the only thing my stomach will digest at 11pm. Today Songsu prepared something different: 소고기국 (beef soup). It is a simple soup consisting of beef, radish (무), leek (파) and garlic (마늘), in water with a drop of sesame oil and a pinch of salt. Delicious!

It has been so nice not having to cook, and having someone to cook for me! But of course this is short-lived, as now that my schedule has returned to normal I will be resuming cooking duties.


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